Nächste Events

10.09.-10.11.2019 Soccer Camp at FK 03 Pirmasens, Germany
10.09.-10.11.2019 Soccer Camp at VfB Annweiler, Germany


About us

The core competence of Schächter Sports GmbH lies in the development of innovative projects in global soccer. In this matter we stand for unique and sustainable international soccer programs.

Through long-term partnership agreements in Asia, North America and Europe we command an outstanding, worldwide network. Our expertise allows us to provide players, coaches and other customers around the globe with emotional and innovative opportunities.


  • Intercultural competence
  • Building football-bridges
  • Outstanding network to professional German clubs 
  • Top coaches and former Bundesliga players 
  • Unique storytelling for broadcaster and media partners
  • Building innovative projects worldwide
  • Social responsibility
  • Creating unforgettable experiences

Our vision

Schächter Sports GmbH has forged strong partnerships all over the world for creating the best opportunities. With our business partners we can provide our customers with the best quality products and service. Our goal is always offer outstanding opportunities to all customers in this network.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a globally operating organization we are aware of our social responsibility. Through the sports of soccer we try to find solutions for the socially disadvantaged and the less fortunate.

Our commitment pursues the following goals:

  • Participation of socially disadvantaged kids in our global events
  • School programs in China
  • Support of charity organizations