03.09.2020 Partnership between Schächter Sports and SKILLCADEMY360


In the future, children and young people will have an extended football experience that goes beyond traditional training. The partnership that has been started aims to inspire children and young people for football - also or especially in these challenging times.

In the future, the cooperation will enable children and young people around the world to gain access to extensive football and sports knowledge through the use of digital training products and sport-specific IoT-training products made by SKILLCADEMY360 GmbH. In this way it is possible to make the football-specific and sport-scientific offer of one of the leading football nations accessible to the global community. The cooperation of the internationally experienced live training provider Schächter Sports with the SKILLCADEMY360 enables not only clubs but also schools or other municipal providers to carry out professional football and exercise training for young people all year round.

Sebastian Schächter: “Skillcademy360, with its highly innovative approaches to digitization, provides us with optimal opportunities to support our existing and potential partners worldwide with even better quality products and capabilities. With their expertise in the area of digital services, we can also offer individual and unique added value and thus raise our services to a new level.”

Julian Fauser: “It makes us proud that we will be joining forces in the future with Schächter Sports, one of the leading international service providers for youth football. We are pleased that through this cooperation we can give many children worldwide access to age-appropriate training content. In this way, we want to make a contribution so that children and young people can continue to enjoy football even in these challenging times.”

The close partnership is intended to create synergies in order to develop further digital training products for global youth football in the future