Network Partner since 2016

Advanced Youth Soccer Educational System (AYSES) serves boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 18. The program offers players a higher level of individual and team soccer skills that will enable them to go as far as they wish with the sport. These skills are taught by imminently qualified coaches who provide an environment conducive to mastery of the skills and pure enjoyment of the game. Equally as important, AYSES teaches the players character-building life lessons.

"The partnership with Schächter Management Group has given us a tremendous opportunity to raise the level of our players and coaches significantly. Our players have experienced higher level of coaching at the camps hosted in USA and during their visit to Germany. Our coaches have also been able to learn from watching and working with coaches from Germany. Beyond all that, the exchange program has allowed our players to experience a different culture while learning in a country where soccer and the culture of soccer is more advanced than in USA. We look forward to coaching education for our coaches, scouting of our players by German teams, and participation of our players in top tournaments in Germany."

Samuel Olali, AYSES